Robyn vs. me - Robyn clinched victory. At least I don't have to root against the Eagles tomorrow.

Pleather vs. Peabo - Peabo assured 4-point victory

rhythm vs. Milo - assured tie

dirt vs. marmol - tied

Echo vs. Jay - Echo clinched victory

SbV8 vs. Mac - SbV8 leads by one

SSE vs. ERS - ERS leads by one

Telly vs. Doug - assured tie

Aaron vs. Gallagher - Gallagher assured one point victory

Itln vs. GW - assured tie

Jacques vs. Erg - Jacques clinched victory

Mangini vs. Drifter - assured tie

Rodgers vs. Jeff - Rodgers leads by one

PARec vs. Dingo - assured tie

Sneijderman vs. Cyrus - assured tie

Zach vs. cobra - cobra clinched victory

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